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SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND ASCENDS TOWARDS THE ZENITH. - That is what The Literary Committee propagates and implements in COER. It strives in developing an unbounded and strong platform to bring overall development of the students. It not only commits itself to the English language but discovers new vistas for our mother tongue-HINDI. The committee provides opportunities to students to express themselves very confidently.Mucur – The Annual College Magazine The biggest responsibility that lies in the hands of the committee is publication of the annual college magazine "MUCUR", paraphrasing its meaning strives to provide a kaleidoscopic view of the college & its students.

Vaad Vivaad Pratiyogita The participants are given a topic on the current issue for debate to express their ideas on it. Kavi Sammelan This event helps the students to showcase their poetry skills. It is celebrated blissfully to mark 'HINDI DIWAS'.Colors of Satire It is a writing event, which aims at enhancing the writing skills of the students. Participants are given cartoon clips/topics/pictures and they have to write satire on it.

English Apptitude Test (EAT) This event aims at the students to introspect their English aptitude for different competitive examinations like CAT, GRE, TOEFL, etc. War of Words (WOW) This is a group discussion event which aims at increasing the communication skills among students.

Abhivyakti-An outlook of the Ink The participants have to write articles on the spot either in Hindi or English on the given topics.Pixit It is a picture perception test where participants are shown a media clip and they have to write a write-up on the basis how they perceive it.

Kahani Likho Pratiyogita In this event, topics are displayed to the contestants and they have to write a story in Hindi after choosing a topic.India Awareness Quiz (IAQ) I.A.Q is organized to create awareness about India among the students. It is a 2 stage event. In the first stage there is objective question paper and in the second stage there is an onstage quiz.