The technical committee, christened ‘Disha‘ came into being, entrusted with the task of providing a stable platform to the young COERians to provide a tangible shape to their ideas. Disha officially came into force during the session 2004-05. Disha is entrusted with the responsibility of organizing Manthan, the Annual Inter College Techno-Management Fest of our college and a number of competitions catering to the aptitude and taste of almost every student.

The Technical Committee of the college is continuously associated with organizing different technical events throughout the year for the benefit of the students. Through its numerous competitions ‘Disha’ made an earnest endeavor to draw out the hidden skills of COERians, be it in displaying their expertise in quizzing or their aptitude for brush and palette or their appetite for science fiction. Presently there are 27 student members in the committee. Dr. Kamal Kapoor, Asst. Professor, Physics Department is the Convener of Disha.

Manthan- The Inter College Techno-Management Fest

The word ‘Manthan’ itself speaks volumes. The proverbial ‘SAMUDRA MANTHAN’ yielded the elixir upon the churning of sea, leaving venom behind. Manthan is an attempt to draw out the finest skills, crème – de – la – crème talents, the matchless potentials from the enthusiastic COERians. Manthan, the Annual Inter College Techno Management Festival of College of Engineering Roorkee is a unique forum where the young minds get an opportunity to experience and interact with science and technology and management in all its myriad forms.

It aims to provide a welcome change from the treadmill of rote learning and above all fairly groom students to accept similar changes when they actually step into the world of professionalism. A cradle for new and grand ideas, it is ever-evolving and diversifying to act as catalyst for instilling the passion for technology and the zeal to turn abstract ideas into concrete realities. Manthan embroils with itself a number of technical and Management events to fulfill the aim it has marked, the various technical and management events can be categorized as:


Aakriti: The Clay Modelling Event

Aakriti, the clay modeling event which is anticipated with the huge participation of above 180 teams, as it is one of the mass appeasing fun-filled event organized by Disha, The Technical committee. The models are based on predefined themes such as Entertainment, Aliens vs Humans, War of Smart phones, India emerging as a sports power, India- a democratic country with no democratic values, etc. The teams presents their zeal, ingenuity, creativity and perception of the themes through clay, bamboo sticks and pebbles. The event shoots a wide success as a part of the ‘Disha’ legacy.

Compendio: The Collage Making Contest and COER APTITUDE TEST (C.A.T)

Compendio, COER’s very own version of the collage making, is a feather on the hat of success of the Technical committee. With over 200 team registrations, Compendio shoots the brain flexing challenge of designing a collage using two newspapers, which is meticulously accomplished through the acumen of the winning teams.

The COER version of C.A.T. is held in the campus which is based on written questionnaire consisting of general aptitude, verbal, reasoning and quantitative questions. The paper set is different for first, second and third year respectively.

Engineer’s Day Celebration

On the occasion of Vishwakarma Divas Disha, The Technical Committee of COER celebrates Engineer’s day marked by the birthday of our honorable Chairman Mr. J. C. Jain.

The celebration includes an exhibition of models portraying the fine creativity of COERians. The models includes that of Aakriti, the clay modeling competition; Compendio, the collage making; models made by The Robotics & Innovation Club and COER chapter of SAE India.

With the noble words of respected Chairman Shri J. C. Jain, Trustee Mr. Shriyansh Jain and director general Maj. Gen. (Rtd.) A.K. Chaturvedi, the Engineer’s day of COER fuels the technical committee to correspond and function even better for its upcoming workshops and other endeavors.

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