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The vision of Electronics & Telecommunication Engg. Department is to equip students with skill in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering that is concerned with Solid State Devices, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers & their advancements, Control and Power Plectronics utilised in Energy engineering and train the students about various fields such as Mobile Communication, VLSI Design, Embedded Systems Design, Microprocessors & their Applications, Power electronics, Control System, Design of VLSI circuits & industrial automation. ET deptt., COER- offers intensive knowledge about the Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering through modern technology and efforts that all the students get exposure of industrial practices & standards along with their curriculum.


The mission of the program is to offer high quality UG education, such that the students prosper in their career or pursue the higher education to further enhance their knowledge. The initial objective of the UG program aims at attaining this by providing the sound fundamental knowledge. The objective enhanced by strongly emphasizing on the mission component of positive contribution towards societal upliftment & technogical upgradation. The graduates of the program are expected to provide better & optimized solutions which are economically feasible to real world problems to cater to the needs of society.