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After a paper is received, it is sent to the subject matter expert for blind review.

The review process takes 2 months.

Manuscripts are judged on the basis of the following criteria : a) Overall contribution of the paper to the field of Management and IT b) Significance and relevance of the topic to the scope of the Journal c) Originality of the content d) Adequacy of the Literature Review e) Conceptual rigor f) Logical and technical soundness g) Organization of the content h) Writing quality i) Managerial/Theoretical/ Policy Implications of the Research j) Limitations of the Study and Scope for Further Research k) References.

The Editor- in - Chief and Managing Editor reserve the right to accept or refuse an article for publication, without assigning any reasons.

After the review process is completed, the authors will be informed about the decision of the reviewers by email. After a Paper is accepted for publication, the authors will be informed by email about the acceptance.

An electronic version of the manuscript in MS- Word would be required once the paper is accepted for publication.

The final draft is subject to editorial amendments to suit the journal's requirements.

Each author will receive a complimentary copy of the Journal issue that carries his/her published paper.

References and citations should be complete in all respects in order to enable readers to look up the source materials and most importantly, to demonstrate that your paper is well - researched and gives credit to the author(s) of the source materials. References should be included at the end of the paper. All the references should be referred to in the text and arranged in alphabetical order. Authors are requested to include only a list of cited References and not a Bibliography. Reference to a citation in the text should be made by means of the author's name followed by the year of publication in parenthesis.

The Journal will have an ISSN number.

To enable the publisher to protect the copyright of the journal, authors must send a signed copy of the Author Disclosure Form for Reviewal (when a paper is submitted for review) and the Pre-Publication Author Disclosure Form (after a paper is accepted for publication)

Subscription form can be downloaded from the COER Website as well as it will be mailed to the Organisations/Authors/ Researchers as required.

Journal may be Indexed/Abstracted in: Scopus (Elsevier), Index Copernicus Value (ICV), EBSCO Database etc.