Grievance Redressal Committee Session 2022- 2023

(As per All India Council for Technical Education (Establishment of Mechanism for Grievance Redressal) Regulations, 2012, F. No. 37-3/Lega112012, dated 25.05.2012)



In order to ensure transparency by the institution imparting technical and professional education with paramount objective of preventing unfair practices and to provide a mechanism to faculty member, student and staff for redressal of their grievances.


  1. Faculty and Staff Grievance Redressal Committee
  2. College of Engineering Roorkee (COER) has established Faculty/Staff Grievance Redressal Committee, headed by Prof. D. V. Gupta (Dean- Basic Sciences & Humanities) in the capacity as Ombudsman.
  3. Faculty members can send their grievance to Prof. D. V. Gupta through E-mail on
  4. Student Grievance Redressal Committee
  5. Any aggrieved student can send his/her  grievances to Prof. V. K. Singh Dean – SW through E-mail on
  6. The formation of the committee is done as per the grievance which includes members from the concerned department from which the student belongs.
  7. Internal Complaint Cell

(a) Sexual Harassment Cell

(b) Women Grievance Redressal Cell

  1. Any aggrieved student/faculty/staff can send her grievances to Mrs Anuradha through E-mail on


Any aggrieved faculty member, student, or staff can submit his/her application seeking redressal of grievance to Co-chairperson- Dr Sushil Jindal, Dy Registrar (Admin and Legal Affairs) through E-mail on


The address of the registry so established shall be published widely including on the notice board and prospectus and placed on the website of the institution.

The Committee is committed to contribute effectively to dispose the grievances at the earliest, if any.



SI. No. Name Role Designation Address &   Contact No
1Dr B M SinghChairpersonDirector (COER)College of Engineering Roorkee  9027916006/ 9760127260
2Dr Sushil Jindal Co-chairpersonDy Registrar Admn & Legal AffairsCollege of Engineering Roorkee  9027916062/ 9760981911
3Dr D V GuptaCoordinatorDean- Basic Sci. & HumanitiesCollege of Engineering Roorkee 9027916007/ 9412911771
4Dr V K SinghCoordinatorDean- Students WelfareCollege of Engineering Roorkee  9027916008/ 9917094270
5Dr Kamal KapoorMemberDean- AcademicsCollege of Engineering Roorkee  9412158114
6Dr Sagar GulatiMemberDean- ComputingCollege of Engineering Roorkee 7027975108
7Mrs AnuradhaCoordinatorAssoc Prof - Electrical Engg.College of Engineering Roorkee  9027916014
8Dr Gunjan AgarwalMemberProfessor Mech Engg. College of Engineering Roorkee  9027916015
9Dr Prabhat KumarMemberHead- Civil Engg. College of Engineering Roorkee    9897373501
10Mr B. D. PatelMemberHead- Electronics Engg. College of Engineering Roorkee 9412929298
11Dr Taresh SinghMemberHead- Comp Sci EnggCollege of Engineering Roorkee 7895811083
12Dr Awdhesh GuptaMemberHead- Information TechCollege of Engineering Roorkee 8586969254
13Mr Sonu KumarMemberAsst Prof Comp SciCollege of Engineering Roorkee 9997085847
14Mr Pradeep VermaMemberAdvocateRishikesh, 9897340752
15Mr Sanjay BhatnagarMemberAdvocateRishikesh 9897284225