Space Development: SDNX-CSRT


Space Development Nexus - SDNx, New Delhi and College of Engineering Roorkee (COER), Uttarakhand will bring together leaders and decision-makers within the science and human exploration community – engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, educators, agency representatives and policy makers to create an ecosystem for the students.
Areas of Collaborations
1. Build awareness for the value of space exploration
2. Foster meaningful educational program for exploration, development, utilization and settlement of space.
3. Recognize space pioneers, educators and entrepreneurs for their contributions to the world.
4. Widen our spheres of Global Space Community influence.
5. Work with national and international entities in the development and implementation of space policies that serve the industry and the public.
6. Develop a workforce with critical thinking skills and to cultivate a populace that understands and support a robust space program.
7. Collaborate with other space-related organizations to advance global space interest.

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