SNName of the Patent Filed/Published/AwardedPatent Number
1A method for production of fragrant compounds from Aquilaria malaccensis cell cultures. Application No. 1277/KOL/2014
2A method for production of fragrant compounds from resinous chips of Aquilaria malaccensis by fermentation.Application No. 201633016084A
3Method of determination of composition of Trixylenyl phosphate ester based fire resistant fluid (FRF) by NMR spectroscopyPatent. No. 262034
4Development of a novel test methodology for assessment of impregnability of impregnation epoxy resin used for Global GeneratorsApplication. No. 1124/KOL/2011
5Epoxy adhesive formulation suitable for In-situ bonding of end packets of stator core for a large size Turbo GeneratorPatent No. 317870
6Motion Sensitive Device for Female Security Based on Sixth Sense TechnologyApplication. No. 201931029066A
7System and Method for Early DiseaseApplication. No. 201911045231A
8Water Purification SystemApplication. No. 201911031032A
9Biodiesel Compositions and a Method of PreparationApplication. No. 201911050683A