Patents Published by Faculty Members

Name of Faculty member

Title of Patent

Dr Siddharth JainWater purification system
Dr NirvikarMotion sensitive device for female security based on sixth sense technology
Dr NirvikarSystem And method for early disease detection
Dr Siddharth Jain,  Mr Akshay GargBiodiesel composition and a method of preparation thereof
Dr Mridula, Dr Brij Mohan Singh, Dr Annapurna Singh, Mr Kamal Kant Verma, Mr RohitKannojia, Dr Harvendra Singh BhadauriaA sign language recognition system for hearing impaired in variable resolution lighting and background conditions
Dr Brij Mohan Singh, Dr Harvendra Singh Bhadauria, Mr RohitKannojia, Mr Kamal Kant Verma, Dr Mridula, Dr Annapurna SinghA System of Vision Based Deep Multi-Model Using Evolutionary Algorithm For Hearing Impaired Persons
Neelam Sharma, Dr Brij Mohan Singh, Dr Karan SinghITCP-Wireless Sensor Network: Intelligent Transmission Control Protocol For wireless Sensor Network
Dr Siddharth Jain, Mr VarunPratapFoldable Bridge Assembly
Dr Rajesh Kumar, Dr NiteshDuttAn improved system and method of dish-disinfecting after dish washing
Mr VarunPratap, Dr Siddharth Jain Smart Hybrid Kitchen
Dr Mridula, Mr Aman Kumar Mishra, Dr Harvendra Singh Bhadauria, Dr Annapurna SinghA method for preparation of binder for interlocking paver blocks by utilization of polyethylene terephthalate and composition thereof
Mr VarunPratap Singh, B.D. Patel, Mr Arvind, Mr Vishal Mourya, Mr SubhamArora, Mr Subham Pal, Mr YashasviSachdeva, Mr ShivamDhimanSemi-automatic packaging system for pens