Rules and Regulations


Rules & Regulations

COER lays emphasis on maintaining College decorum and discipline. There are certain rules and regulations that the students need to adhere to.

  • Students are expected not to leave College premises during their lectures without written permission from the Head of the Department or a competent authority.
  • Ragging in any form is totally banned and is a punishable offence as per the government orders. If any student is found indulged in any sort of harassment or ragging to freshers or fellow students, inside or outside the campus or hostel, he/she will be immediately dismissed from the College and strict legal action will be taken against them as per the rules.
  • We, at COER, don't entertain the concept of being late. Be it lectures or other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, the students are expected to report in time.
  • Students will be responsible for all the equipment that is entrusted to them and should not misuse any of the college property. Any damage caused to any property, lab equipment and instruments, tools, books etc., shall be liable for fine. In case of any damage, actual cost will be refunded from the student along with a fine.
  • Students should take the responsibility of their belongings within the campus as the college will not be responsible for any loss of belongings. Any theft or illegal behavior by the students will be liable to strict disciplinary action.
  • Use of mobiles and cameras is strictly prohibited during lectures. If a student is found using any such means then the gadget will be confiscated.
  • Consumption of tobacco, alcohol or smoking is strictly prohibited inside the college campus; if any student is found under the influence of alcohol or tobacco then strict disciplinary actions will be taken against that student.
  • Weapons or equipment that can hurt someone is not allowed within the university premises.
  • Identity cards should be prominently worn by students while they are in the campus, the security will not allow a student to enter college premises without their identity cards.
  • Management reserves the rights to change class schedules and timings and all students must abide by them.
  • Use of abusive language, weapon, damage of property, misbehavior with students, faculty or other staff, intimidation or interference with other students or any activity that is against the decorum of the COER is punishable and strict action can be taken against the student indulging into such activities.

Rules for Attendance

1. Every student is required to attend all the lectures, tutorials, practical and other curricular and co-curricular activities. Total attendance should be 100%.
2. The attendance can be condoned upto 25% on medical ground or for other genuine reasons beyond the control of student.

3. A further relaxation of upto 15% for a student can be considered on case to case by the Director General/Director provided the absence is with prior permission of the Head of the Department/Convener of the committee and faculty adviser for the reasons related to academic/techno scientific/institutional growth and development.

Student Medical Leave

1. All kind of weightage including medical leave shall be considered for the benefit of attendance only when the individual has minimum attendance of 60%.

2. Any student falling sick shall inform his/her faculty adviser regarding the illness/hospitalization.

3. The medical certificate shall be immediately submitted after returning from medical leave. it should be duly forwarded by the faculty adviser.

4. Medical certificate will be cross checked from attendance record to verify the period of medical leave in order to eliminate fraudulent practices.

5. Medical certificate shall be verified from issuing hospital/doctor in doubtful cases.

6. Fake certificate shall amount for disciplinary action against the student.

Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular Activity

1. Your participation in any co-curricular & extra curricular activity should not affect/interfere with your academics and attendance .
2. If attendance of individual goes below 75%, he/she should not participate in such activities in order to avoid loss in academics and examination.
3. Student co-ordinator and members of the committees must maintain minimum attendance criteria.
4.Participation in any kind of co-curricular & extra curricular activity organized in campus or outside the campus will get weightage of attendance maximum upto 12 days(all inclusive) provided the student has minimum attendance of 60%.
5. Application regarding participation in any event shall be duly forwarded by the faculty adviser and coordinator of the event. It should be submitted in the office immediately after the event.

Curbing Ragging in COER Campus

Ragging is "STRICTLY PROHIBITED" in COER campus. In order to avoid any unpleasant incident arising from ragging, anti-ragging squad visits are organized by the college which keeps strict vigilance on the students. Students are advised not to indulge in any such event. Student if found guilty will have to face severe consequences, which could go to the extent of EXPULSION from the college and penal action may called.

All other rules, regulations and guidelines prescribed by the university/Government bodies will be implemented.