Training & Internship



The world is booming with new career opportunities that were previously unimaginable. COER believes that the best way to lay a strong foundation for a stable career is to be informed and prepared. It is important that while studying at the institute, students explore the current and upcoming career choices available to them across various domains, be it in corporate sectors, government, civil society and non-profit organizations, academia, or entrepreneurship.

To ensure that students are aware of the crescendos and the factors that govern them, CPDC @ COER organizes a series of guest lectures by leading experts from the relevant industries and domains. Various programs to engage in the industry through real-time exposure with the industry, mentoring programs, seminars and trainings, as well as individual career counseling give students the opportunity to get acquainted with the field and give them the opportunity to make an informed decision about graduation.

Soft Skills Training

In this multinational world, we are in a crazy race for professional achievements. The industries are thriving, and they are conducting an aggressive business with a large world. Our students are part of this crazy race, and therefore we want them to fight all the obstacles in their lives. To meet the requirements of this globalized world, each student must have a good command of English and have Soft Skill and skills. Attitude and positive energy are what industry needs, which is not possible without proper skills training.
Soft Skills Training sessions covered:

  • English Communication (Listening, Writing, Grammar, Speaking)
  • Understand General Expectations from Corporate standpoint
  • Presentation Skills
  • Mock Group Discussion
  • Mock Interviews
  • Share real life examples, share their experiences and also facilitate discussions to address Students’ queries.

Quantitative Aptitude Training

COER arrange training sessions for students on quantitative aptitude to improve and inculcate the problem solving skills. The session covers Logical reasoning, Verbal and No- Verbal reasoning.

Design Thinking Training

Training on Design Thinking is an iterative process in which students can understand the user, challenge assumptions and redefine problems, trying to identify alternative strategies and solutions that may not immediately show up at the initial level of understanding. At the same time, Design Thinking provides a solution-based approach to problem solving. This is a way of thinking and working, as well as a set of practical methods.

Campus Recruitment Training(CRT)

Training & Placement Cell runs the highly successful Campus Recruitment Training program that is intended to groom students for better placement and enhance their employability prospects.

Right from the beginning in the College, each student is closely monitored to ensure that there is a significant step-up in their overall personality and approach to their career, rather than a single-minded focus on grades alone.

The CRT program provides the students a platform to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge of their respective domain and its application. In view of this, they are exposed to the basic requirements of selection at the time of interviews during campus placements and made aware of personality related aspects which companies expect in every aspirant.

All new students are trained to add sheen to their personality and improve their communication and soft skills. Likewise, all the graduating students are given a comprehensive training capsule to refurbish/brush up their skills.

The CRT program is conducted for a period of 3/4 years for all the students of all courses. The subjects covered are:


S. No


Brief over view of Training Programme




I Year

Life Skills Sessions


80 Hours

Communication Training(Activity Oriented Training)

Motivational Session Programs


1 Week


II Year

Quantitative Aptitude- Topic wise discussion and Mock Tests & Quiz.

Odd & Even

80 Hours

Communication & Self Management Training(Activity Oriented Training)


III Year


Odd & Even

82 Hours

Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Part- Topic wise discussion Mock /Speed Tests & Quiz

Group Discussion, Ex tempore, Personal Introduction and other mode of Presentation for the Communication.


IV Year

MOCK Drill Sessions ( Company/ Co Cubes based) Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Part- Pattern Specific discussion and Mock Online Test.

Odd& Even

Based on Placement Calendar

The first two years of interactive sessions are to enhance students’ understanding of the demands of their respective domains, thereby, improving their employability in the market.

The last two years are there for the conduct of Classes of Aptitude Training, On-line Assessment Tests, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews (GD/MI) and so on.

Each panel for GD/MI consists of three interviewers i.e. a Domain Specific Professional, an HR professional and an internal coordinator. Each student is made to undergo three/four rounds of GD/MI.  CRT helps students to understand and analyses their actual value in the market. COER Students get an opportunity to be exposed to various aspects that require immediate attention. It enables them to prepare themselves well in advance in the areas which otherwise impede their chances of better placements.


 Individual Career Counseling:

  Every student has different capabilities and thus need lots of guidance to choose the right career path for him/her.  A detailed structured report will be provided for all the students to give them an insight of their personality, knowledge level and skills. One to one in-person career counseling session by senior authorities of the college will be organized with the students of pre-final year and final year to help them in choosing the right career path. 

Summer Internship:


The Summer Internship Program offers a unique and rewarding corporate exposure to our budding pool of talent. While gaining professional work experience and completing relevant academic coursework, students go through four to six weeks of real-world work experience during their internship placement.

T&P Cell & faculties from respective domains plays an important role in ensuring that all students get an opportunity to experience corporate life and culture through these summer internships. Some of the projects that students have completed through their internships have been greatly appreciated by the industries. At beginning of the prefinal year students are given detailed presentation about the internship and possible list of companies that may offer the internship to COERians.

Every year students of all prefinal year students are required to undergo Summer Internships of 4-6 weeks across companies of repute. 

Industrial Tour:

Students go for industrial visits to gain practical knowledge about how various industries & organizations operate. COER ethos behind such tours is to expose the students to a different landscape, variety of people thereby encouraging interaction, exchange of ideas and to acquire the knowledge about the basic functionality of a company. 

Companies Available for Internship