UGC Care Paper

S.NoTitle of paperName of the author/sDepartment of the teacherName of journalYear of publicationISBN/ISSN numberLink of Journal/ articleMonth/ YearUGC Care GroupLink of the recognition in UGC enlistment of the Journal
1Application of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system and response surface methodology in biodiesel synthesis from jatropha–algae oil and its performance and emission analysis on diesel engine coupled with generatorSiddharth JainMechanicalEnergy2020-21ISSN: 0360-5442 Click Here19-Mar-21UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
2Investigation of the shelf life of the optimized Neem biodiesel and its execution and excretion characteristics on automotive diesel engineSiddharth JainMechanicalEnergy Resource Part A: Recovery utilization and Environmental Effects2020-21ISSN: 1556-7230Click Here 1-Feb-21UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
3Advances of Carbon Capture and Storage in Coal-Based Power Generating Units in an Indian ContextSiddharth JainMechanicalEnergies2020-211996-1073Click Here10-Aug-20UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
4Production & optimization of biodiesel from rubber oil using BBD techniqueSiddharth JainMechanicalMaterials Today: Proceedings2020-212214-7853Click Here UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
5A source of nano catalyst in transesterification processSiddharth JainMechanicalMaterials Today: Proceedings2020-212214-7853Click Here22-Oct-20UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
6Photovoltaic cells cooling techniques for energy efficiency optimizationSiddharth JainMechanicalMaterials Today: Proceedings2020-212214-7853Click Here22-Oct-20UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
7A comprehensive review of the influence of physicochemical properties of biodiesel on combustion characteristics, engine performance and emissionsSiddharth JainMechanicalJournal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering2020-212095-7564Click Here28-Jul-21UGC-CARE Group 1Click Here
8A review on bioenergy and biofuel productionSiddharth JainMechanicalMaterials Today: Proceedings2020-212214-7853Click Here3-Apr-21UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
9Deep Multi-Model Fusion for Human Activity Recognition Using Evolutionary AlgorithmsKamal Kant Verma, Brijmohan SinghComputer Science IJIMAI Journal2020-211989-1660Click HereIn PressUGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
10Multi-interval programming based scheduling of appliances with user preferences and dynamic pricing in residential areaGovind Rai GoyalElectrical Engineering DepartmentSustainable Energy, Grids and Networks2020-212352-4677Click Here13-Jul-21UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
11Modelling of all optical SR Latch by using plasmonic Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) waveguidesMayank ChauhanInformation TechnologyPlasmonics2020-211557-1955Click Here UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
12Experimental investigation of quenching of a single exposed heated channel of 220 MWe IPHWRNitesh DuttMechanical EngineeringNuclear Engineering and Design2020-210029-5493Click Here13-Aug-21UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
13A Novel Hybrid Deep Learning Method with Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Classification of Arrhythmia Disease Using ECG SignalsDV GuptaMathematicsNeural Computing & Applications2020-210941-0643Click Here21-Apr-21UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
14An Anomalous Co-Operative Trust and PG-DRL Based Vampire Attack Detection and RoutingDV GuptaMathematicsConcurrency and Computation:Practice and Experience2020-211532-0626Click Here9-Aug-21UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
15Two-Stage Human Activity Recognition using 2D-ConvNetKamal Kant Verma, Brij Mohan Singh, H L Mandoria, Prachi ChauhanComputer Science and EngineeringInternational Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence2019-201989-1660Click Here 2020 april 24UGC Care Group-2Click Here
16QoS-Based Energy-Efficient Protocols for Wireless Sensor NetworkNeelam Sharma, B. M. Singh, K. SinghComputer Science and EngineeringSustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems, Elsevier2019-202210-5379Click Here 2020 August 14UGC Care Group-2Click Here
17PREDICTIVE AND RESPONSIVE MOBILE DETECTION TOOL FOR INFECTED COVID-19 SYMPTOMATIC CARRIERManish Kumar, Diwakar, Bhupal AryaComputer Science and EngineeringJournal of Natural Remedies2019-202320-3358Click Here2020 Jun 22UGC Care Group-2Click Here
18Improved Task Scheduling using Effective Particle Swarm Optimization in Cloud Computing EnvironmentAnkit Tomar, Bhaskar Pant, Vikas Tripathi, Priyank Pandey, Kamal Kant VermaComputer ScienceInternational Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT)2019-202249-8958Click Here Dec-19UGC Care Group-2Click Here
19A review of supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques for suspicious behavior recognition in intelligent surveillance systemKamal Kant Verma, Brij Mohan Singh, Amit DixitComputer Science and EngineeringInternational Journal of Information Technology, Springer2019-202511-2104Click Here 20-Sep-19UGC Care Group-1Click Here
20Video Flame and
Smoke Based Fire
Detection Algorithms:
A Literature Review
Anshul Gaur, Abhishek Singh, Anuj Kumar, Ashok Kumar, and Kamal KapoorPhysicsFire Technology:Springer2019-201572-8099Click HereApril, 2020UGC-CARE group 2Click Here
21Dispersion of Lead in Hypoeutectic Aluminium-Silicon Alloys by Spray Forming Process and their CharacterizationKumar S.,  Tomar A., and Singh DPhysicsMaterials Science Forum2019-20 1662-9752Click Here Feb-20UGC-CARE group 2Click Here
22A Battle between Women Empowerment and Patriarchal System in Shobhaa De’ S Novel SistersDr.Rahmi Gupta.Dr.Pinki ChughEnglishPURAKALA2019-20ISSN : 0971-2143Click HereJun-20UGC-CARE group 1Click Here
23Assessment of Deployment of DGs and D-STATCOMs in Distribution Network using Gravitational Search AlgorithmAadesh Kumar Arya, Ashwani Kumar, Saurabh ChananaElectrical Engineering DepartmentInternational Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, 2019-20 ISSN:2277-3878Click Here 20-JanUGC-CARE group 2Click Here
24Analysis of Distribution System with
D-STATCOM by Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA)
Aadesh Kumar Arya,
Ashwani Kumar, Saurabh Chanana
Electrical Engineering DepartmentJournal of The Institution of Engineers
2019-20ISSN: 2250-2157Click HereFeb-19UGC-CARE group 2Click Here
25CFD Analysis of suspended debris during postulated severe core damage accident of PHWR Nites Dutt, Ankit R Singh, Pradeep Kumar SahooMechanicalNuclear Engineering and Design2019-20ISSN: 0029-5493Click HereFeb-20UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
26A prospective utilization of the biomass for the production of the biodieselDeepak Verma and Siddharth JainMechanical EngineeringMini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry2019-201875-6298Click HereMay-20UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
27Municipal solid waste generation, composition, and management: the global scenarioKapil Sharma and Siddharth JainMechanical EngineeringSocial Responsibility Journal2019-201747-1117Click Here23-Jun-20UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
28Process parameter optimization of biodiesel production from algal oil by response surface methodology and artificial neural networksAkshay Garg and Siddharth JainMechanical EngineeringFuel2019-200016-2361Click Here1-Oct-20UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
29Optimization of low-temperature transesterification of low FFA blend of sunflower oil and algae oilAkshay Garg, Siddharth Jain, Gaurav Dwivedi and Tikendrs Nath VermaMechanical EngineeringFuel2019-200016-2361Click Here1-Nov-20UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
30Experimental study on biodiesel production parameters optimization of Jatropha-Algae oil mixture and diesel engine coupled with generator performance and emission analysis fuelled with diesel/biodiesel blendSunil Kumar, Siddharth Jain, Harmesh KumarMechanical EngineeringACS Omega2019-202470-1343Click Here6-Jul-20UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
31Production and optimization of biodiesel from rubber seed using BBD techniqueMayank chhabra, gaurav dwivedi, Prashant Baredar, Anoop Kumar Shukla, Akshay Garg, Siddharth JainMechanical EngineeringMaterials Today: Proceedings2019-202214-7853Click Here7-Jul-20UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
32Machine Learning based Model to combat Covid19Deepak Painuli, Divya Mishra, Suyash Bhardwaj, Mayank AgarwalComputer Science and EngineeringInternational Journal of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering2018-192306-708XClick Here Jul-20UGC Care Group-1Click Here
33Fire sensing Technology : A ReviewA. Gaur, A. Singh, A. Kumar, K. S. Kulkarni, S. Lal, K. Kapoor, V. Srivastava, A. KumarPhysicsIEEE Sensors Journal2018-191530-437XClick HereMay1, 2019UGC-CARE group 2Click Here
34Energy Saving in Distribution
System using Internet of Things in Smart Grid Environment
Aadesh Kumar Arya,
Saurabh Chanana and Ashwani Kumar
Electrical Engineering DepartmentInternational Journal of Computing
and Digital Systems
2018-19ISSN: 2210-142XClick HereMar-19UGC-CARE group 2Click Here
35Study of entropy Genration in heat exchanger tube with multipal V cuts in perforated twisted tape insertSiddarth JainMechanicalJournal of Heat transfer2018-191528-8943Click HereAug 2019,UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
36Effect of V cuts in perforated twisted tape insert on heat transfer and fluid flow behaviour of tube flow: an expermental studySiddarth JainMechanicalExperimental heat Transfer2018-19ISSN-0891-6152Click Here15-Nov-18UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
37Response surface methodology based optimization of insitu transesterification of dry algae with methanol, H2SO4 and NaOHSiddharth JainMechanicalFuel2018-19ISSN: 0016-2361Click HereMar-19UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
38Overview of Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Composition and Management in IndiaSiddharth JainMechanicalJournal of Environmental Engineering 2018-19ISSN (online): 1943-7870Click HereJan-19UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
39Prediction of Jatropha-Algae biodiesel blend oil yield with the application of artificial neural networks techniqueSiddharth JainMechanicalEnergy Resource Part A: Recovery utilization and Environmental Effects2018-19ISSN: 1556-7230Click Here Nov-18UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
40An enhanced-simple protocol for wireless body area networksNeelam Sharma, Karan Singh, B. M. SinghComputer Science Journal of Engineering Science and Technology,  School of Engineering, Taylor’s University2017-181823-4690Click Here Jan-18UGC Care Group-2 Click Here
41A load based transmission control protocol for wireless sensor networksNeelam Sharma, Karan Singh, B. M. SinghComputer Science International Journal of Information Technology, Springer2017-182511-2112Click Here Apr-18UGC Care Group-1Click Here
42Sectorial stable election protocol for wireless sensor networkNeelam Sharma, Karan Singh, B. M. SinghComputer ScienceJournal of Engineering Science and Technology,  School of Engineering, Taylor’s University2017-181823-4690Click Here May-18UGC Care Group-2Click Here
43Cross domain analyzer
to acquire review proficiency in big data
Arora, Preeti, Deepali Virmani, and P. S. KulkarniMathematicsICT Express, Science direct 2017-18ISSN: 2405-9595Click Here Sep-17UGC-CARE group 2Click Here
44Performance Evaluation of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system and response surface methodology in modeling biodiesel synthesis from Jatropha-algae oilSiddharth JainMechanicalEnergy Resource Part A: Recovery utilization and Environmental Effects2017-18ISSN: 1556-7230Click Here Aug-18UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
45Development of Decision Model for Power Generation from Carbonized Food WasteSiddharth JainMechanicalWaste and Biomass Valorization2017-181877-265X (Online) Click HereApr-17UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
46Process parameter assessment of biodiesel production from a Jatropha–algae oil blend by response surface methodology and artificial neural networkSiddharth JainMechanicalEnergy Resource Part A: Recovery utilization and Environmental Effects2017-18ISSN: 1556-7230Click Here Nov-17UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
47Low temperature optimization of biodiesel production from algal oil using CaO and CaO/Al2O3 as catalyst by the application of response surface methodologySiddharth JainMechanicalEnergy2017-18ISSN: 0360-5442 Click HereDec-17UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
48UML 2.0 based framework for the development of secure web applicationNitish Pathak,B. M. Singh,Girish SharmaComputer Science International Journal of Information Technology, Springer">Click Here 2016-172511-
Click Here Feb-17UGC Care Group-1Click Here
49UNUSUAL EVENT DETECTION AND LOCALIZATION USING OPTICAL FLOW TECHNIQUE Taresh Singh , Dr B M Singh Computer Science International Journal of Engineering and Technology (IJET)2016-172319-8613 

Click Here

Jan-17UGC Care Group-2Click Here
50An Approach for Big Data to Evolve the Auspicious Information from Cross- Domains.Arora, Preeti, DeepaliVirmani, and P. S. KulkarniMathematicsInternational Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
2016-17ISSN: 2088-8708Click Here Apr-17UGC-CARE group 2Click Here
51Process parameter optimization of low temperature transesterification of algae-Jatropha Curcas oil blendSiddharth JainMechanicalEnergy2016-17ISSN: 0360-5442 Click HereSep-17UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
52Effect of natural fibers surface treatment and their reinforcement in thermo- plastic polymer composites: A reviewSiddharth JainMechanicalCurrent Organic Synthesis2016-17ISSN: 1875-6271 (Online)Click HereSep-17UGC-CARE Group 2 Click Here
53Multi-Oriented Text Extraction in Stylistic DocumentsBrij Mohan SinghComputer Science International Journal of Image and Graphics 2015-160219-
Click Here Feb-15UGC Care Group-2Click Here
54Experimental Analysis of SPF Based Secure Web Application Nitish Pathak,B. M. Singh,Girish SharmaComputer Science I.J. Modern Education and Computer Science, 2015-162075-0161 (Print) 2075-017X (Online) Click Here Feb-15UGC Care Group-2Click Here
55Survey on Different Enhanced K-Means Clustering AlgorithmHimanshu GuptaComputer Science Department International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology(IJETT)2015-16ISSN:  2231-5381Click Here May-15UGC Care Group-2Click Here
56Emerging biorefinery technologies for Indian forest industry to reduce GHG emissionsSiddharth JainMechanicalEcotoxicology and Environmental Safety2015-160147-6513Click HereNov-15UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here
57Cold flow properties improvement of Jatropha curcas biodiesel and waste cooking oil biodiesel using winterization and blendingShubham Nainwal, Naman Sharma, arnav sev sharma, Shivani Jain, Siddharth JainMechanicalEnergy2015-16ISSN: 0360-5442 Click HereSep-15UGC-CARE Group 2Click Here