Mr. Virendra Kumar

  •  ME (IISC Banglore)
  •  B.Tech
  •  B.Sc. (Honours)
  •  hod-pp@coer.ac.in

Mr Virendra Kumar is Head and  Associate Professor of Plastic and Polymer Engineering  Department.

He  received the B. Sc ( Honours) degree in 1971 from Meerut University, a B. Tech( Plastic Technology)in 1974  from HBTI, Kanpur and M. E      ( Chemical Engg.) with specialization in Polymer Science & Technology in 1976 from Indian Institute of Science  , Bangalure. He worked for 2 years in the R & D centre  of M/s Jyoti Ltd, Baroda ( 1976-1978) and for 36 years in Central Plant Laboratory of Maharatana PSU BHEL, Haridwar. After his retirement as GM  in 2012, he has also worked in Plastic Processing industry- Texplas Pvt India Ltd  for 2 years and  for one year   in rubber processing industry-Indian Rubber Products , Haridwar. He has been actively engaged in the R & D activities towards the development of quality control tests , ,new material , optimization of  formulations ,processing regimes and trouble shooting related polymeric materials. He has received several productivity awards from BHEL. He is also recipient of PRESIDENT SCOUT Award. Related to his research work, he has  published 14 Nos of  technical papers in National and International Journal like IEEE Transactionon Dielectric and Electrical Insulation. He has 3 patents to his credit and one  more patents is  under examination for finalization. He has also expertise in  aligning the operations of the laboratories in line with the requirements of ISO 9001, HSE 14001, OHSAS 18001 and NABL. He is life member of Indian Thermal Analysis Society, Mumbai, India.